The one hour of discovery and play activities will be directed towards children aged between 18 months and four years and will be held outside when the weather allows. Siblings of all ages are welcome and will benefit from the surroundings and the activities.

Circle Time – We start the class by singing a welcome song and exploring themes such as butterflies and bugs. We also read poems and stories about nature that are relevant to the age group and theme.




nature exploration main picActivities – Each week there is time to play outside using the sand and water trays. On some weeks we paint or work on creative craft projects. At the start of the semester we will take a look at the trees and watch them change and blossom in Spring and watch them magically change from green to orange to red as Fall progresses. We will  use our senses to taste, touch, see and feel the changes which happen over the seasons. We will take a close look at the bugs, bees, butterflies and wonderful birds and animals who all live in the gardens.  We will read books and go on nature walks together to explore and talk about what we discover. From time to time we might even take time to lie on our backs and watch the clouds as they change and move.



Unstructured Play – The last half hour of the class is time for unstructured play in the safety of the fenced garden. This time enables children to explore and learn about nature—developing self motivation and a sense of independence. Sand trays, nature kitchen and current nature finds will be out for children to explore and play.

Parents or caregivers must remain with their children at all times. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children are adequately dressed in clothes that will allow them to explore outside.