The one and a half hours of discovery and play activities will be directed towards children aged between 18 months and four years. The  class is structured to explore each nature theme with hands on experience developing fun, creativity, imagination and intellectual curiosity. 

Circle Time – Each week we start the class by singing a welcome song and exploring our nature theme of the week with songs, poems and stories relevant to the age group and theme.




nature exploration main picThe class then continues to explore the theme of the week with creative and sensory activities. One week we might paint with nature objects, the following week we might become nature explorers and go on a bug hunt or a nature walk to discover the animals and birds who live all around us. From time to time we might even lie on our backs and watch the clouds as they change and move.



nature based play main pic
The last half hour of the class is time for unstructured play with nature objects relevent to our weekly theme. This time enables children to explore and develop self motivation and a sense of independence.