Pandora’s Garden is a nature-based play class for toddlers. It aims to create a love of nature and an appreciation of the magical wonders all around. Shared moments of awe and peaceful enjoyment strengthen this bond instilling a feeling of safety and happiness in nature. Young children tend to develop an emotional attachment to what is familiar and comfortable for them. The more personal a child’s experiences with nature, the more environmentally concerned and active children are likely to become. If we want children to be environmentally responsible we should first help them to create a love of nature. Passion is more motivating than responsibility.

The class is structured to explore each nature theme with hands on experience developing creativity, imagination and intellectual curiosity. The length of the class provides time for unstructured play outdoors. Adults can enjoy a cup of tea in the open air as their children develop independence and free thinking.

In all classes nature themes are reinforced though a combination of songs, stories and nature based play activities. The younger ages will feel comfortable at ease playing with sensory nature tables, older children’s curiosity will be ignited with a detailed look at the wonders of nature all around us. 

Outdoor play time has lasting effects on the way children learn and grow.