Classes Spring

Example from our Spring Lesson plan.

Week 1 –  The wonder of Trees. We will each find a tree to watch over our time at Pandora’s Garden this spring. We will watch it change and see who lives in it and where. The class will include a nature walk, singing, action rhymes, story, painting and lots more fun.

Week 2 – Planting seeds sunflowers. Children will plant  sunflower seeds to take home or to re-plant at Harriton House.  How does this (seed) turn into this (sunflower)? What do plants need to grow? We will look at other vegetables and the seeds they come from. Lots of sensory exploration. The children will sings and act out little sunflowers popping up through the soil.

Week 3 – Spring animals. Today we are going to be taking a look at the animals that we see in Spring. Who might live in the garden? Has anyone seen any little bunnies, or chipmunks about ?  We will go on an animal hunt and look for evidence such as tracks or animal houses. We hope to be getting 6 week old baby cows this week at Harriton House so we can feed them with bottles.

Week 4 – Caterpillars and Butterflies. We will look at the three stages of the butterfly by watching our butterfly pavilion. Hopefully over the spring we will watch our 10 caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies so we can set them free at the end of the semester. Painting symmetrical butterflies.

Week 5 – Flowers. This is a beautiful colorful class with lots of sensory exploration.

Week 6 – Worms Preparing our vegetable garden and hunting for worms. This is a fun filled session, the kids love to dig in the mud and find worms for our worm farm. We will plant some onions bulbs which are easy for the children to handle.

Week 7 – Creepy Crawlies. Equipped with magnifying glasses and bug boxes we will become nature detectives.

Week 8 – Bees. A guest Bee keeper will come to talk to us about bees. We will learn about the three kinds of bees who live in the hive and who collect nectar from the flowers to make honey. We will taste honey from the cones.

Week 9 – Colors of Spring. We will look at the beautiful colors of nature all around us. Matching colors to natural objects found outside. We will have fun in the garden with the parachute.

Week 10 – Review of all topics and  release the butterflies. This week we look at he changes which happened in spring. We will use our sensors to taste and smell the vegetables we grew. Look at the trees and remember how the bare branches transformed into color and lush green leaves. We will look at our butterflies and release them into the summer air.

All classes will include songs, stories, a creative or sensory activity plus plenty of fresh air and opportunity to explore nature.